Refocus, goals can change

It’s very easy to let time slip through your fingers. Having finished my last role at the end of January it feels like months have passed already. It’s only when you take a step back and analyse what you’ve achieved that you begin to get a sense of momentum.

I’ve carried out due diligence against two businesses, taken one NED position and am considering another. That balanced against a full training program for this years Ironman and burgeoning family life means that now and then you need a coffee and a sense of perspective.

I say this so that those of you who are beavering away for the next small gain, feeling like you’re banging your head against a corporate brick wall can see there’s a better way to visualise.

When I did my first Ironman last year I tried to cancel my entry as it felt too much. Thankfully the corporation that is ‘Ironman’ wouldn’t let me – take a note customer service companies – so I just had to get on with it. 2.4 miles of swimming is a long way in one go. The only way to get through is to take a step (stroke) back, breathe in, realise how far you’ve come. From there set a course to the next buoy and set off. Currents, squalls and the odd annoying competitor will test you, but that’s part of the journey. You’ll look back when you cross the line and the minor challenges along the way will be just that. Minor.

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