Work Life Balance?

Very few companies have figured it out and those that have are seeing the rewards. There’s been a massive shift in my lifetime of ‘work-life’ balance but the simple truth is that people are missing the point.

For all but the most fortunate people, work takes up over half your waking hours. The magic isn’t about drawing a line between work and home life, the magic is in enabling a more flexible engaged workforce who enjoy their work. By eliminating the 9-5 and taking the shackles off, engagement levels will soar. Don’t take my word for it, Netflix, Virgin, Amazon amongst many others have looked at this ‘open-minded’ approach.

The point of all this is the boundary between work and home needs to change for the vast majority. Gone are the days of dictatorial leaders who get things done through fear. Better results come from a trusted ‘work family’ rather than have everyone fear the lash for mistakes.

Implementing a culture

It doesn’t have to be a wholesale change. If you manage people whether senior or otherwise, make small changes to improve their experience at work.

For longer than I care to remember I’ve allowed my teams to take holidays at will. Full days are usually recorded in the relevant HR systems but people can come and go as they please, early and late starts and days at home for deliveries. Why? When I need someone to work late or do something that’s outside their comfort zone, they do it without asking. Give and take give.

The catch? No catch, they know I expect the job to get done. Surround yourself with a team of people who you can trust and the issues of holiday, sickness and work life balance become yesterday’s problem.

I #payitforward, how do you manage?

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