Don’t Look Down!

Last year, as with all good men, I laughed in the face of a middle age crisis and committed to completing an Ironman, which I did. It was brutal and I learned an awful lot about myself. If I exercise for 16 hours a week I can eat anything I want and not put on an ounce. The look of a successful Iron distance athlete is that of an emaciated leather-clad skeleton.

This year I committed to doing another one, only faster. My body has decided otherwise and a knee injury has forced me out, so I’ve dropped from huge volumes of cardio down to zero. My eating habits haven’t changed, so why am I surprised to be slowly putting on weight?

Why is this relevant?

If you’ve been in a role for a while and things are ticking over then you are in danger of falling into the same trap. The truth is that the technology world is moving at such a pace that what you are doing today is so quickly outdated or irrelevant that it’s only a matter of time before you get caught out.

You only have to read The Register to realise that there are companies that are better organised and structured than yours who have been caught out. As you read on I hope you aren’t expecting the silver bullet, because there isn’t one. It’s a big bad scary world out there and unfortunately, people will always want what they can’t have. Your data, your money, your reputation.

What can you do?

You could cross your fingers and hope you don’t fall into the security chasm behind you or you can accept that things are changing. Small steps will move you away from the cliff edge.

Where most people get it wrong is assuming that security and technology investment has to be a huge leap and rip and replace approach. It doesn’t, taking the right first steps will see you in good stead for a future scalable growth. You wouldn’t drive a car with a flat tyre, why would you run your business with one?

In the meantime if you want to talk about security, networks or completing an Ironman, you’ll find me resisting the urge to dip into the biscuit barrel.


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