The Problem with Scaffolding

When you have building works done you invariably pay for some scaffolding to surround your house and make it look like you’re serious. It allows the builders access to watch TV in upstairs bedrooms and other nefarious individuals to climb in plant dodgy website histories in your browsers.

The presence of scaffolding doesn’t mean your walls will be straight. It also doesn’t mean that once complete your mid terrace 70’s abomination will become a gated house from Chester with a butler. The presence of rules and guidelines do not guarantee results.



That’s the thing with frameworks too, they are there for a good reason but they don’t dictate the quality of what goes on inside them. They merely act as an indicator that you’ve tried to have the works done correctly OR much more likely, you’ve tipped your hat at the rules and done the bare minimum to get by.

I’ve posted my thoughts on GDPR and ISO and many other compliances but the facts remain, accreditation comes at a cost that is more detrimental than just the financial outlay of hitting your mark;

  1. Your engineers who spend all day keeping the lights on for your systems will suddenly be overloaded with audits, log reports, documentation and meetings that will disrupt their ability to support your business.
  2. Your managers will fill their time with meetings, documentation and tick boxes to make sure they pass the rigorous examination from a ‘random’ auditor.
  3. As CEO your name goes above the lot, reputationally there’s a risk you could get found out.

So why am I telling you this….again. It’s because there’s so much garbage floating around LinkedIn about GDPR (and I’ve contributed to that myself!) and it’s vital that people focus on the realities.

Find someone you TRUST to guide you through an audit. Invariably they will know the auditors, they will know what’s expected and more importantly, they will help you put light processes in place that will give you a sustainable approach to mash your audition every year when the Simon Cowell of 27k turns up.

As a wise man once said, choose an advisor you trust and you’ll never have to sweat an audit again.

At some stage I’ll propose how to fix the ridiculous money printing exercise that the majority of the paperwork is, but until then, choose wisely.

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