Strengthen Your Position

If you have to start your post with a statistic from a well-known consultancy firm then your argument isn’t strong enough.

According to joint research by Garner, Acenture and Deloite 92% of these posts contain a swathe of common sense that you should already know, wrapped up in a sales message you don’t want to hear. *40% of you won’t read past the intentional typos. 12% will be reading this on a Wednesday.

Why am I telling you this? What am I selling?

In short, nothing. I want a new approach. If you want to hit me up on LinkedIn or email, just tell me what you can do to save me some time. Give me a solution to the ever pressing need for reclaiming my day. If your product or service works, I don’t need a bibliography and cultivated pitch justifying it.

In return, if I have something you need or want, great! If the service isn’t for you, don’t buy it! Run your business like you already trust who you’re dealing with. Build relationships, not transactions.

*Let’s assume that stops them whining about me using their names in vain as I’m sure they do some very good work.


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