With¬†20+ years in networks, hosting and all manner of technical¬†companies I’ve seen a lot of good, bad and frankly ugly, stuff.

I know how engineers cover up for mistakes, I was one..an engineer that is – not a mistake.

I know how sales teams massage egos and focus on closure at any cost, casting operations colleagues adrift into a sea of bad feeling but most of all I know how people work.

I’ve run teams from small to large, local to international and everything in between and I’m the first to say I’ve barely scratched the surface. Any business is made up of personalities and if you get the culture and the people right, the results come.

I like people, I like making things work and I like technology. The fact I can make a career of it is a bonus!

If you want to pick my brain or call me a buffoon, get in touch, if I can help, I will!